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What's on offer

The Adoption Mission provides a complete programme of support for your shelter. The modules are delivered in bitesize video and written formats to enable you to access the training you need, within the confines of a busy schedule.

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By registering for The Adoption Mission, you will gain access to our full training and support programme.

Training Modules


 Providing shelter staff with a suite of training modules, the content has been designed to provide the support that you need to effectively care for your animals.

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If your shelter joined the programme in Year 1, we will provide you with monthly food donations to help ensure the animals in your care are happy and healthy.

Working together to end pet homelessness

Welcome to The Adoption Mission, championed by PEDIGREE® and WHISKAS®.

Mars Petcare is dedicated to making A Better World For Pets™ and committed to ending pet homelessness across the globe by 2030. 

The Adoption Mission is taking the first steps to realise this vision in the UK by working directly with animal shelters like you, to identify the misperceptions and help tackle the challenges around pet abandonment and adoption.

The Adoption Mission provides you with a comprehensive programme of support, including guidance from behaviourists, staff training, guidance and toolkits which aim to enable you to overcome adoption challenges and mitigate abandonment scenarios. The ambition is to equip your shelter staff and pet owners with the resources and tools needed to ensure all pets are wanted, cared for and welcomed.

Let’s create a better world for pets, together.

SHINETM Framework

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We are working with Waltham Petcare Science Institute to help support pet owners and shelters to help provide a pet in their care everything they need to thrive.

SHINETM is a framework which outlines what a pet dog and cat need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Despite it being widely accepted that pets experience emotions, pet owners are often met with an array of information that may not always clearly articulate what is required for pets to experience positive emotions.

The SHINETM framework aims to help pets live happily in the human world, promoting optimal well-being through education, as well as the development of evidence-based products and services. It is our combined hope that no pet is mistreated simply because it is misunderstood.

Click here to find out more about the SHINETM framework and how it can help you.

Our partners

We are delighted to have partnered with esteemed industry leaders and subject-matter experts such as the Association of Dog and Cats Homes (ADCH), Wood Green Animal Charity, International Cat Care and the Samaritans to deliver The Adoption Mission. Collectively we are all a step closer to putting an end to pet homelessness.